OC STEM Alumni

OC STEM Alumni

STEM Alumni Initiative

An exciting addition during the 2022/2023 school year is the OC STEM Alumni Initiative. Spearheaded by passionate campus leaders, the new group is keenly focused on engaging all past OC STEM alumni to foster fellowship, mentorship, and sustained program growth. If you’re an OC STEM alumnus, you’re encouraged to become actively involved.

Complete the detailed update form to indicate your interest and provide much desired information about you.

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The Oxnard College STEM Alumni Association is a non-profit and gender-equitable organization that is made of a diverse group of individuals who have participated in any of the STEM programs offered at Oxnard College. The association aligns with Oxnard College core educational mission, by serving as one of the multiple pathways that leads STEM students to both academic and professional success.

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the growth, progress, and general welfare of the College by:

  1. representing the interests of STEM alumni and the Association in matters affecting the College;
  2. encouraging STEM alumni participation in Association and College sponsored events and activities;
  3. enhancing solicitation of donations, gifts, and contributions of whatsoever nature to the College;
  4. fostering and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between its STEM alumni, friends, and college administration; and
  5. supporting and participating in the recruitment and retention of students to the College.

The goals of the Association will be to:

  1. Provide an effective branding program that will create interest and engage growth of the number of STEM alumni in campus programs.
  2. Encourage STEM alumni to maintain a network and serve as advocates for the College.
  3. Serve as an organization that responds to the diverse needs of STEM alumni relative to their careers, desire for lifelong learning and engagement, social interaction.
  4. Provide volunteer and support services to the STEM program and the College.
  5. Enhance the STEM program and the alumni community by offering events for networking, career exploration, community building, and fundraising. Create mentoring opportunities to bridge OC STEM Alumni and current OC STEM students to guide them in their undergraduate studies and careers.
  6. Assess the interests and needs of current STEM students based on their affinities with the College to better understand and serve the dynamic, diverse, and talented community.
  7. Provide an effective STEM alumni association Board of Directors by establishing interested and dynamic alumni leadership that provides professional experience, creative thinking, and open-mindedness for the benefit of the Association, OC STEM, and the College.
  8. Recognize outstanding OCSAA Members and the contributions they have made to the Association, OC STEM, and Oxnard College.