Donate to TRIO Student Support Services

Oxnard College’s TRIO Student Support Services provides students with invaluable resources to foster student success, including:

  • Academic Advising: The program has its very own academic counselor that program participants will have exclusive access to. That means avoiding long waits, truly getting to know counselors, and getting all academic questions answered in order to help students reach educational goals ASAP!
  • Workshops: SSS is committed to working with other campus departments to provide workshops including: financial aid/literacy, transfer, career exploration, college applications, resume building, mental health/well-being, and more!
  • Tutoring: It offers additional tutoring support to students who need that extra help!
  • Mentorship: It is developing a mentorship pipeline in which students will be connected to a mentor. In return, students will mentor a TRIO high school student. It is in giving that we receive, and students have much to offer the next generation.
  • A Home Away From Home: The office is set up to feel like home- areas to study, a lounge area, a TV, a kitchen, and simply put, a place for student to go when they’re not in class.