TRIO Student Support Services

About Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program intended to serve 140 eligible Oxnard College students.

Oxnard College’s TRIO Student Support Services provides students with invaluable resources to foster student success, including:

  • Academic Advising: The program has its very own academic counselor that program participants will have exclusive access to. That means avoiding long waits, truly getting to know counselors, and getting all academic questions answered in order to help students reach educational goals ASAP!
  • Workshops: SSS is committed to working with other campus departments to provide workshops including: financial aid/literacy, transfer, career exploration, college applications, resume building, mental health/well-being, and more!
  • Tutoring: It offers additional tutoring support to students who need that extra help!
  • Mentorship: It is developing a mentorship pipeline in which students will be connected to a mentor. In return, students will mentor a TRIO high school student. It is in giving that we receive, and students have much to offer the next generation.
  • A Home Away From Home: The office is set up to feel like home- areas to study, a lounge area, a TV, a kitchen, and simply put, a place for student to go when they’re not in class.

Did You Know?

Some things in life are worth taking a bet on. TRIO SSS is one such program.

Over 73% of Oxnard College TRIO SSS students are both first-generation and low-income students paving the way toward a college degree not only for themselves, but for their families as well. Many of our students are the first to navigate a system no one in their family has done before. TRIO specifically serves first-generation and low-income students for that very reason. TRIO programs were initially established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 as a means to help propel the economic mobility of our nation. President Lyndon B. Johnson believed in the power of education as a means to combat the suffering caused by living in poverty. As such, TRIO programs aim to provide the motivation and skills necessary for students to be successful in pursuit of a postsecondary degree.

Within the two and a half short years that SSS has been on Oxnard College’s campus, SSS has significantly exceeded its program objectives. For example, the TRIO SSS program’s actual 2021-2022 persistence rate was 94%, exceeding the baseline objective by 29%. Additionally, the program’s 2021-2022 actual good academic standing rate was 94%, exceeding the baseline objective by 19%. The program’s exemplary performance in less than 3 years of being established on Oxnard College’s campus is evidence of the program’s expertise in identifying the factors that contribute to student success.

A donation to SSS would help further enhance the program’s ability to transform lives. Donating to TRIO SSS serves as a symbol of the belief in our community’s future- a bet worth taking.