Did you know the act of Giving has been scientifically proven to provide health benefits for those who contribute voluntarily and/or financially to their community? Yes – it’s true! And every good habit we adopt has a lasting impact on ourselves and our communities.

We’ve learned that there’s a chemical response in your body when you do something nice. As you make your contribution, your act of generosity triggers the following chemicals:

  • Serotonin, which regulates your mood;
  • Dopamine, which provides a sense of pleasure; and,
  • Oxytocin, which inspires a sense of connection.

The positive outcomes on one’s health include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Less depression
  • Lower stress levels
  • Longer life
  • Greater happiness and satisfaction

We all strive to live healthy lives while being intentional and resilient. Did you know the Condor is one of the most resilient birds, with a lifespan of approximately 60 years — noting it as one of the world’s longest living birds and the chosen mascot for Oxnard College and the Oxnard College Foundation.

The OC Foundation was established in 1983 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide resources to Oxnard College and its students. For 40 years, the Foundation has been the beneficiary of many outstanding donations, providing general support, creating named scholarships, strengthening campus programs, and funding capital initiatives. Nearly all donations were received as one-time gifts.

Over the years, leaders of non-profit organizations, including the OC Foundation, discussed ways of raising money while spending less. Many of these organizations worked with donors who wanted to give more, but didn’t want to be asked multiple times for money. The idea of subscription (or monthly) giving was soon introduced as a way of automating the act of making donations.

Monthly giving made its way to the OC Foundation in the form of payroll deductions from Oxnard College and Ventura County Community College District personnel. Thanks to the creation of a new website and donor management system, just months ago, the OC Foundation now accepts monthly contributions from anyone. The difference has been very noticeable!

Creating a monthly subscription with OC Foundation is one way to make an impact, and monthly giving provides real benefits to both donors and Oxnard College.

  • It’s Convenient – Since monthly donations happen automatically, you don’t have to consciously remember to write a check or swipe a credit card to support your favorite campus programs or scholarships.
  • Makes a Connection – Monthly donors tend to be more involved with the Foundation and the College’s programs and events. This happens through regular correspondence, donation notifications, and interest in campus happenings. Relationship building lies at the core of everything we do at the Foundation.
  • Establishes Consistency – Regular donations provide stability to the Foundation and its donor-supported programs. Rather than receive and respond to multiple solicitation letters each year, the contributions stream in automatically.
  • Fosters Smart Planning – Recurring donations support cash flow and allow the Foundation to focus on long-term planning and strategic initiatives. More of the donation goes toward helping the mission, since there are fewer administrative costs spent on solicitation letters, data entry, and correspondence.
  • Creates Impact – Many people feel that their donation won’t matter much unless it features a bunch of zeros. By giving on a monthly basis, donors can contribute significantly by essentially making monthly payments. For example, donors wishing to join the President’s Circle ($1,000 minimum) may simply establish an $83.33 monthly gift.
  • Grows a Community – When a monthly donation is created, the donor becomes a member of the OC Foundation’s Condor Club. Privileges of the club aren’t monetary, but donors receive regular news, event notices, donor reception invitations, and connections to fellow Condor Club members.

The OC Foundation fulfills its mission of providing resources to Oxnard College and its students by providing opportunities for making charitable contributions. With many campus programs and students deserving of financial support, the Foundation plays a vital role in fostering strong health for the campus. Just as important, the Foundation wants its donors as healthy and happy as possible. To learn more about the Foundation’s giving opportunities, whether voluntary or financially, explore the campus programs and scholarships on the new Foundation website, located at  www.oxnardcollegefoundation.org.

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