Strong corporate-to-college partnerships have the ability to change lives, impact businesses, and transform communities. A shining example is the relationship between Oxnard College’s Culinary Arts Program and Ventura Townehouse.

Ventura Townehouse, which is Ventura’s premier luxury resort living community, is home to an exceptional restaurant and dining program. It’s executive chef, Bryan Gross, initiated the relationship by reaching out to Adam Hart, professor of OC’s popular culinary program. It didn’t take long for its owner, Jay Isaacs, and executive director, Evan Granucci to embrace the idea of a partnership.

On Thursday, January 26, the Ventura Townehouse directors handed a $10,000 check to Adam at its facility on Telegraph Road. It was the second such contribution, which outfits students with knife kits, books, uniforms, and other invaluable educational resources.

Pictured left to right: Pete Parker, Jay Isaacs, Adam Hart, Miguel Aguilar, Laila Pacheco, Bryan Gross. Photo taken by Evan Granucci.

The visit allowed the leaders to listen to two of its culinary staff members, current students Miguel Aguilar and Laila Pacheco, who spoke eloquently about the culinary arts curriculum and working at the Townehouse.

A very big thank you to Ventura Townehouse for recognizing the outstanding talent being developed at Oxnard College, particularly its Culinary Arts Program.


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