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About Culinary Arts

Oxnard College offers culinary training right in the heart of Ventura County!  Why go to a Los Angeles for-profit cooking school, or restaurant management school, at almost 10 times the cost, and come out without having experienced working in real restaurants? Study at Oxnard College, and graduate with a secure knowledge that you can handle yourself professionally.

At our culinary school, you’ll take hands-on culinary lab classes in our fully-equipped kitchen and refined restaurant. We have several associate degree and certificate options. An added benefit, unlike for-profit culinary schools in Los Angeles or Pasadena, is that many of your credits will be transferable to some four-year universities.

Restaurant Management
The Restaurant Management Program prepares students to obtain employment in the restaurant management field as food service unit managers, multi-unit managers, corporate executives, or corporate trainers.

Hospitality Management
The Hospitality Program prepares students to manage places of lodging such as hotels, motels and inns. In these positions employees are required to perform marketing, accounting, procurement, front desk operations, housekeeping management, hospitality law, facilities management, human resources and food and restaurant management, facilities design and planning, hospitality law, and events management.

Support Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is a highly sought-after educational opportunity at Oxnard College, which guides students through a rigorous curriculum and practicum to achieving their career aspirations. However, it comes at an expense to the students. Contributions are encouraged to help with curriculum-related expenses and scholarship grants.

Culinary Arts Alumni

OC Culinary Arts alumni can be found in Ventura County and throughout the world. We do our best to keep track of each graduate, but want to celebrate their successes. If you’re an alum, please tap the button below to let us know where you’re at and what you’re doing.

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