Oxnard College Foundation’s top priority is fostering student success. Whether a student attends Oxnard College to transfer to a four-year university or leverages OC to gain great employment, the Foundation serves as an important resource.

Student Support

Through merit-based and basic needs grants, students earn roughly $250,000 in annual scholarship support. This is made possible from generous supporters and our weekly Community Marketplace.


 Create or contribute to scholarship funds.


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Capital Projects

The Foundation has invested in the physical presence of the college for years. In fact, over $1,000,000 has been contributed toward capital initiatives in recent years. This includes the McNish Art Gallery and the Biology Lab.

Campus Programs

Oxnard College educators, departments, and campus programs represent a caring, challenging, and fulfilling student experience. These include the Fire Academy, Dental Hygiene, Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management, Automotive Technology, STEM programs and more.

We invite you to support one or more of these programs; if you wish you may donate funds to a specific program.


Kenny Ayala in action at Oxnard College Foundation


Autobody works at Oxnard College Foundation


Culinary at Oxnard College Foundation

Dental Hygiene

Dental at Oxnard College Foundation

Fire Academy

Fire Academy at Oxnard College Foundation


Physics lab at Oxnard College Foundation

If you’re interested in making a contribution to one of our campus programs, simply click on one of the programs to proceed.