Support Oxnard College with Payroll Deductions

Oxnard College full-time faculty, staff, and administrators can make gifts to campus programs and student scholarships through the Oxnard College Foundation with automatic payroll deduction. Setting up automatic payroll deduction is simple! Follow the steps below to start giving through payroll deduction.

If you wish to make an immediate gift or if you are a part-time employee or retiree, please use the online donation form to make a recurring or one-time gift.

Sign-Up for Payroll Deduction:

  1. Complete, sign and submit the online fillable payroll deduction gift form. Employees can designate their payroll deduction gifts to a specific fund in the form. If you have questions about completing the form, please contact Pete Parker.
  2. Once submitted, the form is verified and passed to the District’s HR team.
  3. The amount authorized in the form will be deducted from each paycheck.
  4. Deductions will continue unless changed by the employee. Please use the gift form to update or cancel payroll deduction.

Thank You!!!

A very sincere appreciation goes to District and Oxnard College personnel who contributed through payroll deductions and monthly recurring donations during the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

Karla Banks – America Barroso – Robert Cabral – Oscar Cobian – Marlene Dean – Maria Flores – Luis Gonzalez – Christina Hanna – Alan Hayashi – Marcella Klein Williams – Maria Lopez – Cheryl Manley-Orm – Charles Maxey – Deanna McFadden – Leticia Mojica – Robert Morris – Pete Parker – Charles Ramirez – Everardo Rivera – Luis Sanchez – Matilde Sanchez – Sylvia Schnopp – Carey Smith – Catalina Yang – Juan Zuniga Olea

Thank you very much!!!

But wait, there’s more…

Each person contributing monthly, whether through payroll deduction or online gift, automatically joins the Condor Club.

Condor Club members are committed to the advancement of Oxnard College, its students, and its campus programs. Members are invited to OC Foundation donor receptions, receive Foundation news and event information, and recognized on a regular basis.