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The Community Marketplace is an outlet for community members, students, and visitors to come to campus to purchase necessary household items, produce, packaged goods, and gifts. Bring your family and friends to shop and enjoy great food!

It’s Swap Meet Justice Sunday!

Specifics: Same time (9-3), same place (Oxnard College Swap Meet)
Flyer: The current July flyer and other informational flyers can be downloaded here:
o (ENG) https://swapmeetjustice.org/flyers-volantes/
o (SPA) https://swapmeetjustice.org/volantes-flyers/
Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/802587334670097

Organizations represented at today’s event:
Mexican Consulate: ±80 people! Always popular. They had lines!
United Way VITA: Special thanks to your volunteers for filling out taxes! Yeah, we want you back!
Medi-Cal Team: An amazing task force – Gold Coast Health Plan, Interface and MICOP – banded together to help people keep their coverage. They are already signed up for July and their workshops will run through June 2024!
Ventura County Behavioral Health – Logrando Bienstar: 100 contacts. They also shared a presentation on early signs of mental illness.
Promotores and Promotores Foundation: ±85. They also gave a presentation on consciously relaxing and reducing stress.
Ventura County Health Care Agency: ±75, including 5 referrals to the county’s self-pay discount program. Martha Johnson was able to walk several people over at the very end of the day for help on Medi-Cal applications from Interface.
Ventura County Human Services
Ventura County Area Agency on Aging: Put on a great presentation on Medicare scams.
Ventura County Child Support
Ventura County Public Health: Continues to provide COVID vaccinations and education to fairgoers!
Ventura County Public Defenders Office: Provides advice and one-the-spot expungement services for qualified misdemeanors.
Gold Coast Health Plan: helped spearhead the Medi-Cal team!
Interface (Medi-Cal renewals): 400 contacts (WOW!)
Farmworkers Resource Program: ±123 people. Fatima Peña-Galindo and her team of 3 people provided 45 services.
Ventura County Agriculture – Weights and Measures: ±50 people. Adriana Diaz found that many people were not aware of their pesticide use enforcement program. She suggested that we should add a fun activity, giving the community a chance to win a giveaway or food distribution. We will reach out to Local Love, unless anyone else has another organization we should contact.
United Parents: They did a really well-received demo on choking first aid and prevention!
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center: 100 contacts. They surveyed Oxnard residents between the ages of 18 and 34 on the effects of the pandemic.
Child Development Resource/Head Start: ±80 people, provided children’s table.
MICOP had at least three separate tables: Norma Gomez: ±90 people. Juana Zaragoza: ±300. Yes, we will pass on your great suggestions to the taco guy!
CAUSE: 10-15 people. Maria Navarro of provided arts and crafts for kids. Her suggestion is for us to put up a sign advertising the kids area.
Gold Coast Transit Center: ±100. Andrea Meza joined us to discuss their new schedules
Sparky Abraham: Debt lawyer (Jubilee Law) ±8 people and discussed illegal rent increases on Section F.
Xavier Villegas: – Employment/labor law (Xavier Villegas Law)
Griselda Rodriquez: Employment/labor law (Servin Rodriguez Law) ±20 people.
Rennee Dehesa: Estate planning and administration attorney (Jones, Lester, Schuck, Becker & Dehesa, L.L.P), ±10 people. Her great suggestion was to add an informational table at the main entrance of the swap meet. YES!
CA Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB)
Tri-Counties Regional Center
Westminster Free Clinic: According to Guadalupe Rodriquez, her staff of sixteen talked to over 100 people and performed over 76 tests. They also did a presentation on diabetes prevention.
El Concilio Family Services: Jose Ortiz Ayala talked to ±6 people.
Dream Resource Center: Director Rosa Reyes Orduña, knowledgeable about all-things Oxnard College-related, kindly volunteered to act as a general informational source by our workshops as well as representing her center.
Elected representatives booth: Staff from the offices of Supervisor Lopez, CA Assemblymember Steve Bennett and CA State Senator Monique Limón were on hand to answer questions from their constituents.
Free notary services: 7 people. Nina Cisneros received a lot of questions on how to buy a house and what documents would be required. She also made the great suggestion that we should recruit a college or high school social media intern to do instagram reels on our event. YES!
Center for Employment Training: ±20 people. Monique Marquez had a great idea that when the radio stations are taking a break, have each organization pre-record a 30-60 second spiel about their services for the station to play later.
Citizenship Fair – Story of the day!: Our immigration attorney Vanessa Frank and Jovani Ambriz, an accredited representative from El Concilio Family Services, met with a distraught client with a complicated story. Her own advisor had informed her that a court action would require her children to be sent out of the country. After assuring her that she was not in immigration court, our specialists asked estate planning attorney Rennee Dehesa to sit in. She was able to determine that the case did not involve guardianship, but was either in the family or criminal court system. Mike Albers from the Ventura County Public Defenders Office then joined in and was quickly able to determine that the matter was a family court matter, not criminal. From there, this team of specialists – in estate planning, criminal defense, and immigration law – collaborated on a plan of action that would ensure that not only could she could remain in the US with full custody of her children, but that all of them could secure lawful residency and ultimately US Citizenship. GO TEAM!
Family Justice Center
Community Action Ventura County

The Marketplace generates funds for scholarship and basic needs grants.

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Jul 30 2023


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