Scholarship applications for the 2023/2024 school year are open. If you’re planning to start your education at Oxnard College, continue or return to OC, or set to transfer, the OC Foundation offers scholarships to help you achieve your educational goals. Learn about the many available scholarships by visiting our Scholarships webpage. In addition to the long list, you’ll gain access to key resources and tips to earning scholarships.

Apply for scholarships on our NextGen Scholarship portal.

OCF-Infographic Below are adjusted features to our scholarship process:

  1. Streamlined applications — Students no longer need to upload their Financial Aid ISIR letter, unofficial transcripts, or Educational Plan. By granting permission for Oxnard College and Oxnard College Foundation to share information on behalf of the student, these features are managed behind the scenes.
  2. Smart Logic — All OC Foundation Applications are now designed with Smart Logic — a feature that tailors the application to each student. As questions are answered, the student will be prompted to answer the next question. The application questions can be changed at any time before submitting, and students only see the questions that align with their career and academic pathway and individual experience.
  3. Criteria build in — All OC Foundation Applications have been redesigned to ensure the criteria best assists the student’s application experience. Students will now see fewer questions, yet they are still applying for multiple scholarship grants as they complete their application.
  4. Essay questions modified — All OC Foundation Applications have modified the essay portion, so students only answer essay questions once, yet their essays apply towards a variety of scholarship grants. Support and assistance for the essays and OCF applications will be available throughout the application season.
  5. Application deadlines extended — The OC Foundation has extended the deadlines for all applications, so students will have several months to complete their application. Since the Scholarship Manager database automatically saves information entered on the application, students can log in and log out of their application throughout the application season, answering the questions at a time that balances with their schedule.
  6. Disbursement Process — The OC Foundation has moved to a streamlined Disbursement Process that eliminates the out-of-pocket receipts reimbursement if selecting the award as a grant. Scholarship Grants provide an awarding structure that works well for students, donors, and the OC Foundation. For further information or questions, please contact OC Foundation.

Visit our website regularly, as we’ll post dates and times of application workshops. Plus, you can always visit the Foundation office in the Administration Building and ask the team for assistance.

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