The LA Rams visited Oxnard College yesterday to earn another victory. Led by its Head of Employee Experience, Oracio Galindo, the national championship franchise created an indelible impact on the College and its students during First Generation College Day.

Hosted by the Oxnard College Career Center, Galindo participated in a Question/Answer exchange with Director of Athletics, Jonas Crawford. The two of them delivered an awe-aspiring dialogue, where Oracio described his educational and career journeys, provided a detailed overview of his employment, and shared keen advice. It was a very impressive experience for the students and guests in the near capacity Performing Arts Center auditorium.

The OC Foundation was a proud sponsor of the event.

Below is the press release distributed by Oxnard College’s Marketing department.

Oxnard, Calif. (November 8, 2022) — Oxnard College welcomed Oracio Galindo, head of employee experience for the Los Angeles Rams, for a student event hosted on Nov. 8. Galindo showed attendees the team’s 2022 Vince Lombardi Trophy and led a student workshop outlining various career pathways, paid internships and employment opportunities with the Rams organization and their Agoura Hills corporate office.

The event aligned with National First-Generation College Celebration Day, the anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson signing the Higher Education Act of 1965 into law.

“The Los Angeles Rams has a firm commitment to supporting youth by providing learning and career opportunities,” said Galindo. “As a first-generation, Mexican American college graduate, I appreciate the unique challenges that first-generation students experience while pursuing higher education. I also know the rewards and benefits that education provides are everlasting, and I hope the students at Oxnard College know there are many who have walked in their path and that significant resources exist to support their own journey.”

“We were thrilled to have the L.A. Rams organization present to our students on the NFL’s wide range of rewarding and good-paying career opportunities,” added Oscar Cobian, acting president of Oxnard College. “Welcoming the 2022 Super Bowl trophy to our campus was a special thrill for Oxnard College’s athletic teams and sports fans.”

Many of the college’s students and employees are among the first in their families to attend college. The Rams event emphasized career opportunities for first-generation college graduates and included a video highlighting the campus’s first-generation student-athletes.

“It’s important for me to get an education because it gives my family a better way of life and sets a good example for my little brother and everyone around me who isn’t sure if they want to go to college yet,” said Diego Briceño, who plays on the Oxnard College Condors soccer team. “Hearing from the L.A. Rams organization excites me about the chance to combine my passion for sports with a good career.”

Oxnard College’s Career Speaker Series events are free to students and sponsored by the college’s career center, foundation and Proyecto Éxito.

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