View Scholarship Applications

Click on the application that aligns with your academic level: Entering, Continuing/Returning, or Transfer. This allows you to draft your responses, then revise as necessary, before actually submitting the application.

The online application, hosted in Scholarship Manager, allows you to login at any time to complete your application. Recommenders will be immediately notified, so be sure to contact your Recommenders ahead of time to ensure they are aware of the Letter of Recommendation request and have enough time to respond. Questions?: email

Important Dates

Pay close attention to the dates, as they’re different than in past years.

Scholarship Manager Infographic

The infographic is outlined in six steps for easy reference. The online application is accessible through your student portal – under The MyCollegeQuicklinks section on the My College tab.

Tips to increasing your scholarship chances

Being selected as a scholarship grant recipient is not easy. The following tips are designed to increase the chances of being selected.

  • Apply – If you don’t apply, you will never get selected. You’re deserving of financial support, so go for it!
  • Follow Directions – It sounds obvious, but attention to detail is important. Read everything and follow the directions carefully.
  • Complete the Application in Full – Be sure to complete the entire application including entering N/A (not applicable) for those areas that do not apply to you. If requested, be sure to attach transcripts, recommendation letters and complete essays to your completed application.
  • Don’t Stress – The 45-minute indicator is updated and your information is saved every time you complete a section or page.
  • Thoughtful Essays – Your essay responses allow the selection committees get to know you. Your essays should be honest, articulate, and passionate. Brief answers may not accurately describe your story.
  • Review and Refine – Be sure to review your application multiple times to ensure you have it complete,  you have included all the necessary attachments, and you’re satisfied with what you’ve written.
  • Accept Assistance – Whether you think your application is perfect or it needs a lot of work, take advantage of campus resources for assistance or a final review. You’re also welcome to ask Foundation staff for guidance.
  • Punctuality Counts – Adhere to all application deadlines! Make sure your application is submitted through the Scholarship Manager database and completed on time.