Oxnard College welcomes the Leadership Oxnard Class of 2024

Welcome to the OC Foundation

Foundation Facts

The Oxnard College Foundation was established on January 7, 1983.

It’s governed by 14 board directors, including the Acting College President and current ASG President.

Staff of one full-time director and three part-time staff leaders.

The office recently relocated to the former mailroom in the Admin Building.


The mission of the Oxnard College Foundation is to provide support to campus development, student scholarships, educational programs, and other college needs in order to promote the progressive and continuing advancement of Oxnard College, to further educational excellence and enable the college to serve as an exemplary multi-cultural community resource.

Oxnard College Foundation logo

Myth: The Foundation has a ton of money.

The Foundation has seven investments under its management. Six of the funds are currently restricted.

  • Title V is currently under review for possible maturity.
  • El Buen Hijo is restricted for scholarships.
  • HSI Title V might mature in 2026.
  • Roughly 8% of the Reserves fund is restricted. However, reserves should equal no less than 18 months of annual budgeted expense.

Annual Operations

The Foundation’s 2022/2023 budget is $766,000.

Community Marketplace

The Marketplace has increased from 89 (May 2022) to 108 (Nov 2022) vendors. Fees from weekly and monthly vendor rentals is the sole source of Marketplace revenue. Target is 125 vendors by December 2023.

Christmas Gift day on Sunday, December 18, 2022.

Swap Meet Justice brings 30+ non-profit organizations to provide resources to local residents.

Two OC Student organizations earn $500 at each special Marketplace event!

Trick or treat at Oxnard College Foundation


Average between $200,000-$250,000 in annual awards each year.

New policy adopted in August removes barriers from accessing funds.

Five new scholarships created since May, one is endowed at $25,000.

Stats for 2022/2023 Awards:

  • 675 applications started
  • 132 completed

Stats for 2023/2024

  • 432 applications started
  • 81 completed

Application period started three months early.

Transfer deadline is March 14.

Continuing/Returning and Entering extended to after spring finals.

Creating impact

The Foundation is a partner in making a difference.

The Foundation board is considering the approval of 10 requests, amounting to $65,000 on December 19.

Campus programs seeking funds to create impact are invited to submit funding requests. The next deadline is February 27, 2023.

Form is located at www.OxnardCollegeFoundation.org/Governance.

Each campus program is eligible to receive 100% tax-deductible contributions through the Foundation.


We’re changing the Foundation’s culture. We’re on a quest to create a community of support amongst administration, faculty, staff, community, businesses, private foundations, and alumni. The immediate goal is to match the amount generate by the Marketplace. This will result in far greater support of campus programs and nearly double the amount of scholarship grant awards.

As a campus leader, you’re a Foundation Ambassador. Get involved, make a donation, spread the word, visit the Marketplace, recruit support, and attend events.

Visit our office any time you wish, bookmark the website…www.OxnardCollegeFoundation.org.