Commencement exercises for the 2023 Oxnard College class were outstanding. Hundreds of accomplished students celebrated their degree and certificate achievements in front of many family and friends at the OC Stadium.

The OC Foundation helped inspire the celebration by presenting each graduate with a commemorative medallion to be worn at Commencement. While students were receiving their medallions, they took their first step as alumni by signing up for the Oxnard College Alumni Network.

Joined by the OC STEM Alumni Association and the OC Athletic Alumni Association, a team of leaders welcomed students and encouraged them to join the alumni network. Very special thanks goes to Cassy Ortega and Jaime Lopez of the OCSAA. Emily Lopez of the OCAAA, and Brenda Heredia, Michael Inda, and Alex Nguyen of the OC Foundation for playing a big role. It was the first time the alumni organizations worked together to recruit new members.

In total, 230 graduates signed up for the OC Alumni Network.

We know we missed a few, so if you didn’t sign the wall or sheet, visit to join!

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