Giving Tuesday, a national one-day celebration of charitable giving, arrives onto the Oxnard College campus on Tuesday, November 29. Alumni, staff, faculty, and members of the greater community are invited to make a difference through a contribution to the OC Foundation. The end recipients of the day’s generosity are students who are in dire need of financial assistance.

The Oxnard College Foundation’s highest priority is to ensure students’ needs are met so they can continue with their academic goals. The Foundation provides student support through OC’s Basic Needs Program. Donors are invited to make a contribution to the Phil Greene Emergency Support Fund.

The mission of the Basic Needs Program at Oxnard College is to directly support students’ well being and provide a positive academic environment, regardless of personal challenges. It aims to reduce and eliminate the burdens housing or food insecurity cause, and increase students access to food, housing, clothing, and personal care products through integrated services, direct contact with students and distribution initiatives, and deep collaboration with community organizations.

Join us in supporting our students and think about Oxnard College Basic Needs Program as you make your charitable decisions on Giving Tuesday.

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