Scholarship Funding

Scholarship Funding

The Oxnard College Foundation proudly serves as a strong driver of student success through scholarship awards. Each scholarship fund is created differently, yet all exist to help guide students toward their educational and career goals. Below are a handful of scholarship funds, which are open to the public to make contributions.

Ways to Make a Scholarship Contribution

Scholarships can be endowed or funded on an annual basis or your donation can be pooled in our General Scholarship Fund. The following is a list of the types of scholarships that may be established:

Endowed scholarships are invested in the OC Foundation’s endowment portfolio. Only the interest, dividends, and gains are awarded to scholarship grant recipients. These scholarships are awarded annually in perpetuity. At the present time, an endowment of $25,000 may provide up to a $1,250 scholarship grant each year. Each endowed scholarship is held in a separate audited account managed by the Oxnard College Foundation.

Annual scholarships allow all the funds you deposit in the OC Foundation to be awarded as a scholarship, usually in the same fiscal year as the gift is received. To continue awarding the scholarship from year to year, annual contributions must be made.

One-time scholarships are awarded in the year they are received. Typically, these scholarships are donated in memory of someone who has recently passed away or in honor of a special occasion.

Pooled scholarships allow you to contribute to the OC Foundation general scholarship fund. There is no minimum amount for this contribution. Your donation will be co-mingled with other moneys and awarded by the OC Foundation.

Contact Pete Parker, Executive Director, to answer questions and/or assist with your scholarship funding plans.

The OC Foundation receives a number of contributions stemming from the passing of loved ones. Should you be interested in naming the Foundation as a recipient of contributions in lieu of flowers at memorial services, contact Pete Parker. He’ll provide the details, including a donation page link to include in the obituary.

Scholarship Funds Available for Public Support

Below are scholarship funds, which anyone may financially support through an online donation. Simply click the buttons to make a contribution.

OC Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Foundation’s general scholarship fund has no restrictions or parameters for students to meet to qualify for financial support.

Carnegie Art Cornerstones Scholarship

Carnegie Art Cornerstones has been helping to sustain Visual Art in Oxnard and Ventura County for over three decades, receiving its 501(c)3 designation in 2002. CAC encourages students to use scholarship funds for art supplies and art equipment necessary for current art studies and/or producing current art projects. The Carnegie Art Cornerstones Scholarship awards artists, who are transferring to four-year universities.

Carlos Diaz Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was created to support students at the English learning or developmental English levels who showed both academic promise and financial need. Oxnard College’s continued commitment to serving English learners, sometimes in the face of strong opposition, is a direct result of the legacy of Carlos M. Diaz, long-time Oxnard College instructor and advocate for students on their way up.

John Elmer Scholarship

John devoted his life to helping others and working for peace and social justice. The scholarship awards continuing or returning Educational Assistance Center (EAC) students.


The Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats, or GOOD Club, serves as the official voice of the Democratic Party of Oxnard and Port Hueneme and contiguous areas. The GOOD Club supports Oxnard College students through grants, awarding both continuing/returning students and transfer students, whom are active in leadership, community, and extracurricular activities.

John Flynn Scholarship

John was instrumental in the establishment of Oxnard College, as a way to provide more economic opportunity for city residents. As the College’s first division director of Business and Public Services, he developed programs for hotel and restaurant management, public services, and dental hygiene and the first campus dining facility. The John Flynn Scholarship awards entering high school students.

Kyle Jaeger Memorial Scholarship

Kyle’s selfless character of putting others before himself is being paid forward by assisting aspiring future firefighters through a scholarship bearing his name. The funds help pay for equipment, books, boots, etc. to those that have dreams of becoming first responders.

Luke Langelier Memorial Scholarship

The Scholarship honors Oxnard Community College Alumni Luke Langelier who, despite his disability, overcame challenges to pursue his education.  Luke was a caring and outgoing man who liked connecting with people. He was very proud of his Samoan and French Ancestry, and who delighted in wearing a Polynesian Lava-lava wrap on special occasions.  As a native resident of Oxnard, Luke graduated from Santa Clara High School in 1992.  He also earned an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences from Oxnard College in 1995.

Carmen Ramirez Memorial Scholarship

The Carmen Ramirez Memorial Scholarship was created by Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc. to support children and grandchildren of farm workers pursuing higher education at Oxnard College.

Benjamin R. Secor Memorial Scholarship

The Ben Secor Memorial Scholarship provides opportunities to entering students seeking careers in the automotive industry. The scholarship is named in memory of Ben Secor, a fun-loving and gifted mechanic, who put others first. Through the scholarship, Ben’s legacy will be found through students supported by the scholarship, representing the next generation of automotive experts.

Don Zrehigian Scholarship

The Don Zrehigian Scholarship was created to support paralegal students at Oxnard College.